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Scientific Advisory Board

Honorary Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

BJ HabibieProf. Dr. Ing. Dr. Sc.h.c. Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie

Prof. Dr. Ing. Dr. Sc. h.c. Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, born on June, 25th 1936 in Pare-pare (South Sulawesi) Indonesia, is the third President of The Republic of Indonesia (1998-1999). He is a member of the Board of Founders of the Muslim World League (Rabithah ‘Alam Islami) since 2001 and a member of Inter-Action Council (IAC) since 2000.

He graduated as Doctor-Ingenieur in 1965 with Summa Cum laude from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Aircraft Design and Construction at the Rheinisch Westfalische Technische Hochscule, Aachen, Germany.

He spent the first 10 years of his career in Germany, with positions including the Vice President and Technology Director MBB GmbH, Hamburg and Munchen (1973 – 1978), and Technology Senior Advisor to the MBB Board of Directors (1978), Prof. B.J. Habibie returned home in 1974, when President Soeharto asked him to come back. He started to work as an Advisor to the Indonesian Government in Advanced Technology and Aircraft Technology, (1974 – 1978). From 1978 to 1998, he was appointed Minister of State for Research and Technology.

Prof. Dr. Ing. B. J. Habibie was elected as the seventh Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia on March 11, 1998. On May 21, 1998, Prof. Dr. Ing. B. J. Habibie took the oath of office as President before the Chief of Justice of the Supreme Court and his deputies. President B. J. Habibie held the Presidential post for 518 days which under his leadership, Indonesia succeeded not only in conducting the first free and fair General Elections on June 7, 1999 but also succeeded in bringing about significant changes towards stabilizing, democratizing, and reforming Indonesia.

Prof. Habibie has 17 National and 16 International medals and decorations, including ‘Grand Officer de la Legion D’honneur’ – the highest award from the French Government for his contribution to industrial development in Indonesia in 1997, ‘Edward Warner Award’ presented by Executive Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in 1994, ‘The Order Of Brilliant Star With Grand Cordon’ – the highest award from the Taiwanese Government in 1994, etc. He also received ‘Doctor of Science Honoris Causa from Cranfield Institute of Technology, UK. During his career, he held 47 important positions, such as: President Director of Nusantara Aircraft Manufacturing Industry Ltd (IPTN); of Indonesia Shipyard Ltd (PAL); of Light Arms Industry (PINDAD), Chairman of Development Authority of Batam Industrial Area, and Chairman of Indonesian Moslem Intellectuals Association (ICMI). He is also the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Habibie Center (THC).
His previous activities included numerous projects in the calculation and design of aircrafts such as: Fokker F-28, Transall C-130 Military Transport, Hansa Jet 320 (an executive jet), Airbus A-300, Vertical Take Off and Landing DO-31 Transport Aircraft, CN-235, and N-250 fly-by-wire aircraft. He is also indirectly involved in the calculation and design of BO-105 Helicopter, Multi Role Combat Aircraft, several missiles and satellite projects. Prof. Habibie has published 48 scientific papers in the field of Thermodynamics, Constructions, Non-stationary Aerodynamics, Fracture Mechanics and Constructions.

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