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Scientific Advisory Board

Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

Jianren GuProf. Jianren Gu, MD, PhD

Prof. Gu received his Doctor of Medicine from Shanghai First Medical College in 1954. He is Professor of Molecular Oncology in Shanghai Cancer Institute, Medical School of Shanghai Jiao-Tong University, and in the Medical School of Fudan University. He was the Chief of Biochemistry Group (1959-1963) and Deputy Chief of the Department of Cancer Etiology and Carcinogenesis (1963-1966) in Shanghai Cancer Institute. He was the founder and the Director of the National Laboratory for Oncogenes and Related Genes in Shanghai Cancer Institute from 1987 to 2001. He has been invited as the Scientific Consultant for the Laboratory of Molecular Oncology at the National Cancer Institute (NCI-FCRF), National Institute of Health, Frederick, Maryland, USA (1987-1989) where he was also a Visiting Scientist (1990-1991).

Professor Gu is the Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) in the division of Medicine and Hygiene of CAE in 1994. He is the member of the presidium board of CAE since 2004. He was the Member of Chinese National Scientific Council of 863 High-Tech Research Program (1987-2000) and 973 National Key Basic Research Program (2001-2004). He was the Member of Award Assembly of General Motor Cancer Research foundation (1995-1999).

Professor Gu has received the National Awards for Advance of Science and Technology (1985, 1987), the National Scientist of Outstanding Contribution Award (1986), the National Award for Achievement of National Laboratory for Oncogenes and Related Genes (1990), as well as the Award for Advance of Science and Technology from the Ministry of Public Health (1991). He received the Award for Outstanding Contribution for Science and Technology (1992) and the Award of Life Honor for Achievements in Medical Sciences (1997) from Shanghai Municipality Government. He received the Award of Medical Sciences from Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation in 1997 and the Award of Medical Sciences from Guang Hua Foundation in 2004.

Prof. Gu has devoted himself to the molecular mechanisms of hepatocarcinogenesis, functional genomics and cancer gene therapy. In recent years, he has extensively investigated that the molecular mechanisms of hepatic cancer development involve not only the gene alterations of cancer cells, but also the dysregulation of systemic host-cell homeostasis. Therefore, he defines cancer as a systems disease with characterized abnormal cell growth of local tissues. From a large-scale functional screening assay, his laboratory has identified 372 novel genes related to cancer development and progression. He has developed a tumor-targeted non-viral gene delivery system for cancer gene therapy. He has been awarded with 42 national warranted-patents and one US warranted-patent, and published more than 200 papers in national and international journals.

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