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Bibliography of Mochtar Riady

Mochtar Riady



  • Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences, University of Arkansas, USA.
    (Member, the International Board of Advisor)
  • Pelita Harapan University
    (Founder & Chairman, Board of International Advisors)
  • The Asia Society, New York, USA.
    (Member, Board of Trustees)
  • Indonesian Cancer Foundation
    (Member, Board of Trustees)
  • National Siloam Brain Foundation
    (Member, Board of Trustees)
  • Hong Kong Federation of Overseas Chinese Associations
    (Honorary President)
  • Xia Men University, PRC.
    (Member, Board of Trustees)
  • Southeast University, Nan Jing, PRC.
    (Honorary Chairman, Board of Trustees)
  • Hong Kong Baptist University.
    (Member, Court (2005-2008)
  • University of Southern California, USA.
    (Member, Board of Trustees 1994-2003)
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