MRIN - Academic Contract Research Organization

" Quality translational service for a better healthcare "

We provide the solution for clients in need of high quality research and testing of their products in Indonesia. MRIN-ACRO is a Contract Research Organization with strong academic background that will provide a range of service pertaining to translational studies, pre-clinical feasibility, efficacy, safety and other regulatory-based tests to meet national and international standards.

Equipped with advanced laboratory and animal facility, MRIN-ACRO offers in-vitro and in-vivo service platforms that can be tailored to clients' need. The barrier animal facility will allow for acquisition and maintenance of SPF rodent models, which are pre-requisite for assurance of validity and reproducibility. As part of the UPH Medical Science Group, MRIN-ACRO serves as a unique hub for bench-to-bedside translational studies.

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