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Proteomic Division

The Proteomic Division aims to develop and apply proteomics-based technology for the identification of differentially expressed or modified proteins that can serve as biomarkers for the diagnosis of cancer and its mechanism.
The division works on the three areas:

  • Finding new cancer biomarkers
  • Protein purification and structure identification
  • New purification methodologies

The Proteomic Division is equipped with the most advanced instrumentation for protein analysis such as 2D-PAGE, HPLC, FPLC, Microrotofor, Ultramark Microplate Imaging System, data acquisition and analysis using PD-Quest Advances gel software. The objective is to find a new biomarker for cancer particularly for liver diseases. Recent studies  shows that some protein expression such as alpha-1- acid glycoprotein (AAG) are higher in HCC serum compared to chronic liver diseases (HBV and HCV). We also work on protein purification and structure elucidation of AFP recombinant and its domain (domain 1, domain 2 and domain 3) from E coli. The goal includes maximum protein recovery, preservation of chemical modifications and high reproducibility. The final goal is to study the structure-function relationships of AFP and its domain that are relevant to liver cancer progression.

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