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Introduction of MRIN

The MRIN is founded with the aim to conduct innovative research in cancer ...

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background seminar-compressed
06 Dec 2023
International Seminar & Workshop Computational Bioscience
background one day-compressed
06 Dec 2023
One Health Day Spotlight : Surveillance at the Human-Animal-Environment Interface in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam

conversation indo
05 Dec 2023
Mengenal 3 keunikan suku Punan Batu untuk memahami evolusi manusia dan pola migrasi di kalimantan
conversation english
05 Dec 2023
New genetic research uncovers the lives of Bornean hunter-gatherers
background article 28 n0v 2023
28 Nov 2023
Penelitian Genetika UPH-MRIN Mengungkap Fakta Baru Tentang Nenek Moyang Suku Pemburu-Pengumpul Di Kalimantan
09 Nov 2023
Aspek Etik Penelitian Kesehatan Dengan Subjek Manusia

#Covid-19 Diagnostic

In Collaboration With Siloam Hospital

Since the pandemic outbreak, MRIN has been actively involved..

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Quality Translational service for a better healthcare

We provide the solution for clients in need of high quality research and testing of their products...

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