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Introduction of MRIN

The MRIN is founded with the aim to conduct innovative research in cancer ...

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Latest News

25 November 2021
MRIN Researcher Participates in the Discovery of Antiserum IgY for COVID-19

NEWS (MRIN-NCGM Japan Collaboration)
23 October 2021
MRIN-NCGM Japan Collaboration
NEWS ( MRIN-Eijkman Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony)
25 August 2021
MRIN-Eijkman Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony

#Covid-19 Diagnostic

In Collaboration With Siloam Hospital

Since the pandemic outbreak, MRIN has been actively involved..

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Quality Translational service for a better healthcare

We provide the solution for clients in need of high quality research and testing of their products...

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