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MRIN animal research facility offers installation facilities for animal quarantine including husbandry and animal care during the quarantine. This offer targets institutions intending to conduct research using SPF (specific pathogen free) laboratory animals that need to be imported from abroad. According to quarantine regulations, animals entering Indonesia must be quarantined before being used for research purposes. Any institutions willing to collaborate with us may contact MRIN by attaching specific information regarding particulars of the animals to be imported. Import license for transgenic animals has to be applied by the corresponding institution itself to the Ministry of Environment. For certain genetically modified rodents it is necessary for us to review whether their husbandry and animal care requirements are in accordance with the MRIN animal research facility conditions. Should you intend to use our animal quarantine facilities, all official documents needed have to be organized by yourself. We only will provide accommodation and husbandry for your animals.


Veterinarians at MRIN’s Animal Research Facility:

1. Imelda L. Winoto, D.V.M., Sert. DHPHL (veterinary consultant)

2. drh. Fitriya Nur Annisa Dewi, PhD, Cert. LAM (veterinary consultant)

3. drh. Riska Nufika, M.Sc

4. drh. Abidin Pandianta

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