MRIN-ACRO provides a fully equipped laboratory that offers various services conducted by our highly trained and experienced research assistant.

Laboratories Services:
1.Pathology (biochemistry, haematology, and morphological analysis)
3.In-vivo and in-vitro test
4.Molecular biology (Q and RT-PCR and DNA sequencing)
5.Proteomic (ELISA, western blot)
6.Cytology (cell cultures, flow cytometry)
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Animal Facilities 
The animal facilities have a barrier facility to prevent contagion and maintain adequate environmental and microbiological conditions to minimize the risk of cross contamination between all rooms. Animals are housed in groups, pairs, or individually depending on the project plan and requirements. 
All procedures for research, testing, and husbandry will be performed in conditions that consider both the welfare of the animals and the success of the procedures. They will be performed by trained individuals who are capable of ensuring appropriate care  
The use of animals in research and testing must be described in an Animal Use Protocol that are scientifically reviewed to ensure accordance with MRIN’s policy and mission. The protocols are reviewed by the Ethics Committee for Research Using Animals for compliance to animal welfare standards and applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines. 

Animal Facilities Services: 
1.Provide housing and procedural space for SPF rodents
2.Quarantine facilities for laboratory animal importation
3.House various rodent species for study
4.Well trained personnel 
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