Our Services

MRIN-ACRO offers a range of preclinical drug development services including drug services. Our expertise spans across rodent toxicology, pharmacodynamics study, and method consultation and validation. Our multidisciplinary research team led by experts has helped our clients in successful project submissions. 

Toxicology Studies in Rodent:
1.General toxicology studies (toxicology acute oral, toxicology sub chronicoral, and chronic toxicology oral              studies)
2.Single-dose studies
3.Repeated-dose studies
                         A. Peraturan Kepala BPOM Nomor 10 tahun 2022 Tentang Uji Toksisitas Praklinik Secara In Vivo (The Regulation of Head of Drug and Food Control Agency Number 10 Year 2022 on In Vivo Preclinical Toxicology Testing) (Link BPOM)
                              B. Peraturan Kepala BPOM Nomor 7 tahun 2014 tentangPedoman Uji Toksisitas Nonklinik Secara In Vivo (The Regulatio of Head of Drug and Food Control Agency Number 7 Year 2014 on In vivo Nonclinical Toxicology Testing Protocols) (Link BPOM)

Pharmacodynamics Studies: 

Biopharmaceuticals Services.
MRIN-ACRO is committed to provide biopharmaceuticals services to support preclinical studies, and development of vaccine and other novel drug products.
Our services include: 
1.Vaccine Immunogenicity
2.Cell cultures based in vitro test system
3.Molecular Biology analysis
4.Specimen Storage 
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