Pradiptajati Kusuma


Position             : Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Qualifications   :

                              - Ph.D in Biological Anthropology and Population Genetics (Universit√© de Toulouse)

                              - M.Biomed in Biomedical Sciences(Universitas Indonesia)

                              - B.Sc. in Biology (Bandung Institute of Technology)

Profile                :

                               I am a population geneticist, currently working closely with a nomadic hunter-gatherer group in Kalimantan, still occupying karstic rock shelters and living in a network of shifting camps in the forest. Together with my collaborators, I conduct a multidisciplinary research to study the population history and the biological impact of their lifestyle transition, involving linguistic, social networks, mobility patterns, diet, and genetics.

Interests            :  - Population Genetics

                               - Evolution

                               - Biological Antropology

Awards              :

                              -  Scholarship award for Doctoral Study from Ministry of Education, Indonesia, and Ministry of Higher Education

                              -  Scholarship award for Master Study from Ministry of Education, Indonesia

                              -  Scholarship award for Undergraduate Study from Ministry of Education

Contact             :  pradiptajati.kusuma@mrinstitute.org

Publications     :

1. Deep ancestry of collapsing networks of nomadic hunter-gatherers in Borneo. Evolutionary Human Sciences. 2022. 4:e9. doi: 10.1017/ehs.2022.3

2. Genetic architecture of gene regulation in Indonesian populations identifies QTLs associated with global and local ancestries. American Journal of Human

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