Future of Healthcare Technology

Mochtar Riady Institute for Nanotechnology (MRIN), Tangerang, Indonesia, with immense pleasure invites you all for the workshop and conference on ‘Future of Healthcare Technology’.

It is with great enthusiasm and vision that we have organized the conference to focus precisely on the developments in the field of medical diagnostics and its future. It will be a forum for clinicians, researchers and students to discuss on the recent trends and future drifts on infectious diseases, newer diagnostic tools, treatment, prevention and surveillance. This would enable us to construct a solid and extensive foundation of knowledge and understanding on the recent and future trends in healthcare technology.

Mochtar Riady Institute for Nanotechnology invites you all for the event and we look forward to have your esteemed presence.


1. Increase the competency and exposure of Indonesian medical technology students.

2. Encourage research collaboration between researcher, medical practitioner, and healthcare companies for better healthcare technology for end user.

3. Increasing collaboration in healthcare between MRIN, UNSW, and other research institute both in scientific and commercial activities.