Dr.rer.nat.Ivet Suriapranata


Dr.rer.nat.Ivet Suriapranata , Received her PhD degree in Biochemistry from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. 

Prior to joining the MRIN, she was Postdoctoral Researcher in the Division of Biological Sciences, University of California, San Diego, USA. 

Her research interest is Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in association with cancer development and progression.. 

Selected Publications

Suriapranata IM, Tjong WY, Wang T, Utama A, Raharjo SB, Yuniadi Y, Tai SS. 2011. Genetic factors associated with patient-specific warfarin dose in ethnic Indonesians. BMC Med Genet 12, 80.

Suriapranata IM
, Sudania WM, Tjong WY, Suciptan AA, Gani RA, Hasan I, Sanityoso A, Budihusodo U, Miskad UA, Akil F, Lelosutan SA, Martamala R, Yusuf I, Lesmana LA, Sulaiman A, Tai S. 2010. Alpha-fetoprotein gene polymorphisms and risk of HCC and cirrhosis. Clin Chim Acta411, 351-358.

Leon S, Suriapranata I, Yan M, Rayapuram N, Patel A, Subramani S. 2007. Characterization of protein-protein interactions: application to the understanding of peroxisome biogenesis. Methods Mol Biol389, 219-238.

Hazra PP, Suriapranata I, Snyder WB, Subramani S. 2002. Peroxisome remnants in pex3delta cells and the requirement of Pex3p for interactions between the peroxisomal docking and translocation subcomplexes. Traffic 3, 560-574.

Epple UD, Suriapranata I, Eskelinen EL, Thumm M. 2001. Aut5/Cvt17p, a putative lipase essential for disintegration of autophagic bodies inside the vacuole. J Bacteriol183, 5942-5955.

Suriapranata I
, Epple UD, Bernreuther D, Bredschneider M, Sovarasteanu K, Thumm M. 2000. The breakdown of autophagic vesicles inside the vacuole depends on Aut4p. J Cell Sci113, 4025-4033.