One Health Day Spotlight (1)

Health Security Partners, 2023

On November 3, 2023, the world observes the eighth edition of One Health Day, a global initiative that commemorates and highlights the necessity of adopting a One Health approach in confronting collective health challenges at the interface of human, animal, and environmental factors. The One Health approach is essential for disease prevention as it acknowledges the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health, offering a crucial framework. 

Health Security Partners (HSP) is a nonprofit international development organization that is dedicated to building local capacity to improve health security around the world.Commencing in June 2021, HSP collaborated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and joined forces with researchers in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam to investigate SARS-CoV-2 within the human-animal-environment interface. The objective of these initiatives was to enhance understanding of SARS-CoV-2 transmission and bolster preparedness for not only SARS-CoV-2 but also other emerging disease threats.

In Indonesia, MRIN researchers spearheaded the initiative, collaborating with counterparts from the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Primate Research Center at IPB University (PSSP), Warmadewa University, as well as Public Health Offices in Tuban (East Java) and Klungkung(Bali) Regencies. Together, they conducted a study to monitor SARS-CoV-2 and related zoonotic viruses in areas where humans and wild bats interact, assessing the diversity and circulation of these viruses.

Indonesia is home to around 240 bat species. Various studies aimed at assessing virus circulation among bats have identified several viruses, including Nipah, Corona, and Tioman viruses. However, most of these studies focus solely on animals and overlook the human-animal interface

To access the One Health Day Spotlight on the HSP website, please click the following link: https://healthsecuritypartners.org/happening-now/one-health-day-spotlight-surveillance-at-the-human-animal-environment-interface-inindonesia-thailand-and-vietnam